Learn how to setup an in-office aligner system in your practice | On-Demand

On-Demand Course | Learn at your pace

This course is only offered to orthodontists.



Learn how to implement an efficient and scalable in-office aligner system at your clinic. We also cover how to transition in digital orthodontics, setup a digital lab, and integrate 3D printing in your practice. This hybrid course consists of recorded sessions that you can take at your convenient time as well as live sessions with Dr. Rooz. 

Course Curriculum

    1. 3D scanning and basics of 3D printing

    2. Desktop 3D printers | Comparison, troubleshooting and maintenance

      • Pros and cons of each 3D printing technology

      • Post printing processes for resin photopolymerization printers 

      • What you need to know about 3D printing resins

      • Maintenance and troubleshooting of a few printers 

      • How to identify the right 3D printer(s) for your clinic

    3. How to setup a digital lab from scratch or remodel your current one

    4. Digital platforms to move teeth

      • Complete overview of uDesign software from uLab systems

      • Overview of Suresmile an alternative digital platform to uDesign

    5. Comprehensive review of plastics on the market

      • Literature review of plastics for aligners and retainers 

      • Aligner fabrication protocol 

      • Retainer fabrication protocol 

    6. Aligner delivery schedule | how to make your in-house system scalable  

    7. Economics of in-house aligner

    8. Branding and identity of your aligner

    9. Comprehensive review of cases with moderate malocclusion treated with in-house aligners

All the participants will be added to a private online platform (Slack) to interact and further ask questions.

What do your peer thinks about the course?

As our team considered making the transition to doing in-house aligners, there were so many decisions to make, and so many sources of information. Rooz came highly recommended, and did not disappoint. He was able to take the guesswork out of so many components of the transition, and was able to guide us at every step in an organized way. Two months ago, we did not own a scanner. We are now impressionless and now have a well functioning digital lab fabricating our own aligners. Rooz is very generous with his knowledge, taken from research and his own experience. Working with Rooz has saved us a ton of time, a lot of money, and provided me and our team with the clarity, direction, and confidence to make the transition smoothly. As James Clear said, “One of the only true shortcuts in life is finding an expert and apprenticing under them.” We are grateful for that opportunity.

-Dr. Jeff Erickson

12 CE credits will be provided at the completion of this course.