3D printing for orthodontists

3D printing implementation in your practice

On-Demand Course | Learn at your pace

Start 3D printing efficiently in your clinic in one month

This course is a four-sessions on-demands of online lessons that covers the introductory aspects of implementing 3D printing at your practice including factors to choose an optimal printer, what you need beside the 3D printer, how to setup your lab, how to start and build your systems. Your team can join these sessions.
This course is great for those who would like to improve their existing workflow or implement 3D printing systems from scratch.
Course curriculum:
  • 3D scanning and desktop printing technology 
  • SLA, DLP, and mSLA/LCD desktop printers 
  • Maintenance & troubleshooting of a 3D printer
  • How to setup a digital lab 
  • Efficient clear retainer fabrication 
  • Digital software platform

All the participants will be added to a private online platform to interact and further ask questions.

6 CE credits will be provided at the completion of this course.