The In-Office Journey to Clear Aligner Production: Harnessing the Power of 3D Printing

BY Dr. Rooz Khosravi

The last decade has seen an explosion in digital dentistry, with an impressive rise in digital technology adoption. One of the most revolutionary advancements is the application of 3D printing technology in orthodontics practices, particularly in the realm of clear aligner treatment.

Clear aligners an alternative to traditional braces, famously associated with brands like Invisalign, have become highly popular among patients and clinicians alike.

Thanks to 3D printing, dentists and orthodontists can now manufacture high-quality, custom aligners in-house, transforming their workflow, enhancing patient satisfaction, and reducing dependency on outsourcing.

Learn How to Balance Taking Control of Aligner Production

Today, more and more dental professionals are leveraging the power of 3D printing to make in-office aligners. This in-house aligner approach has a host of benefits. It allows for same-day or on-demand aligner production, minimizing patient wait times.

This strategy is beneficial for aligner cases involving full arch orthodontic treatment and is also applicable for clear retainers and other orthodontic appliances.

3D printers, like those from Formlabs and SprintRay Pro, have gained traction in private practices for their functionality and ease of use. They enable orthodontists and dentists (DDS, DMD) to control every step of the aligner production process, from treatment planning to post-processing, ensuring a streamlined digital workflow.

While in-house aligner systems come with a host of potential benefits, they are not devoid of challenges. A poorly developed system could lead to significant complications, causing major disruptions within a practice. Consequently, there’s an unequivocal need for comprehensive and proper training to effectively utilize these systems.

Register today for a self-paced course on how to setup an in-office aligner system

Why enroll in the in-office aligner training bootcamp? 

To continue thriving in an ever saturated market, transition to digital orthodontics is the key to growth and increase efficiency. You know that any change in your practice is only possible when your team is onboard. Training many orthodontists on 3D printing and integration of digital technology in the last three years, the key factor to success has always been team training – no surprise here.

In-office aligner fabrication training bootcamp is a comprehensive step-by-step course developed centered around the orthodontic team. A seven module boot camp includes 36 lessons on all you and your team need to build a frictionless digital workflow. The second part of the course offers access to us while practicing what your team learned. This course helps you maximize the return on your investment in 3D printing and save money and time by avoiding mistakes.  

Who is a good candidate for this course?

This course is primarily designed for team members yet we have had dental providers that attended the previous cohorts. Most orthodontists mentioned that they like to learn the protocols before delegating them.

What you’ll learn from the online training:

  • How to operate and maintain a SprintRay printer
  • How to manage digital files from scanning to aligner fabrication
  • How to efficiently fabricate aligners and clear retainers
  • How to create pontics and eruption domes in uDesign
  • How to manage lab digital tasks
  • How to coordinate lab tasks with the clinical and admin team
  • How to fabricate 3D printed indirect bonding trays
  • How to fabricate a whitening tray with the uDesign software
  • How to 3D print a nightguard