Enhance your clinic’s efficiency with guidance on dental 3D printing and a streamlined in-office aligner system

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As an enthusiast in developing next generation clear aligners, some of the most common questions I receive are about 3D printing and an in-office aligner system. It is a privilege to share my passion and in-depth knowledge of these topics with you through the educational resources I have created, including private one-on-one consultations.

My three levels of one-on-one consultations are designed for you to receive my undivided attention while discussing your clinic’s needs.

My goal for you is to streamline your workflow, accelerate the 3D printing integration process, and ultimately run a more efficient clinic. 

I have witnessed firsthand the transformative effects of an efficient workflow in my own clinic, and I am excited to help you embark on this journey. 

Time is the most precious commodity you have. 

Get the most out of yours with personal, in-depth guidance on
dialing down your workflow and accelerating 3D printing integration.

List of private consultation services:

Implementing 3D Printing Consultation (45 minutes)

Learn how to implement 3D printing technology at your clinic. What is the best 3D printer to buy? What is the best approach to start 3D printing? This can be scheduled with your clinic team and will include a comprehensive Q&A session. 

This session is great for those who would like to improve their existing workflow or implement 3D printing systems from scratch.

In-office Aligner Workflow Consultation (30 minutes)

Our most flexible consultation type, this session will be based on your needs. We can review your plan to implement in-office aligner fabrication at your clinic and receive feedback on optimizing the road-map. Alternatively, we can build your strategic plan to add in-office aligner fabrication together.

Clinic managers or lab techs are welcome to join this session. 

This session is great for those who already have an implementation plan and would like expert feedback, or those who are at the early stages of building a strategy and would like input.

1:1 uLab Case Review Session (45 minutes)

Together we will review in-depth instructions to set up your case(s) based on your treatment plan. This session will allow you to optimize the power of the uDesign system. At the end of the session, you will be provided with a summary of our discussion that you can refer back to in future cases.

This session is great for those who have specific case questions.

Contact us us at DOH.team@orthodontics.io to schedule your session