Transform your brand new
digital lab tech into a master!

a curated step-by-step course
to elevate your digital workflow to the next level 

The training bootcamp new cohort starts on Feb 27th

Why enroll in the digital lab assistant training bootcamp? 

To continue thriving in an ever saturated market, transition to digital orthodontics is the key to growth and increase efficiency. You know that any change in your practice is only possible when your team is onboard. Training many orthodontists on 3D printing and integration of digital technology in the last three years, the key factor to success has always been team training - no surprise here.

Digital lab assistant training bootcamp is a comprehensive step-by-step course developed centered around the orthodontic team. A seven module boot camp includes 36 lessons on all you and your team need to build a frictionless digital workflow. The second part of the course offers access to us while practicing what your team learned. This course helps you maximize the return on your investment in 3D printing and save money and time by avoiding mistakes.  

How does this course work for my digital tech?

3 Month of Training
3 Month of Practice & Access to your instructor

Digital Assistant

The training bootcamp new cohort starts on Feb 27th

What is included with the training bootcamp?

  • Instant Access to all of the course materials 

  • Access to the private Slack channel (one user per course)

  • Monthly Q&A Zoom sessions for three months 

  • Three months access to the Slack channel and course contents after the bootcamp

  • 10 CE credit - AGED PACE certified

Early bird registration $1180
(ends on Feb 10, 2023)  $1280

What you'll learn from the online video training cover?

  • How to operate and maintain a SprintRay printer
  • How to manage digital files from scanning to aligner fabrication
  • How to efficiently fabricate aligners and clear retainers
  • How to create pontics and eruption domes in uDesign
  • How to manage lab digital tasks
  • How to coordinate lab tasks with the clinical and admin team
  • How to fabricate 3D printed indirect bonding trays
  • How to fabricate a whitening tray with the uDesign software
  • How to 3D print a nightguard

How is this course helping my practice? 

Save Time and Money

It takes lots of time as well as trial and error to establish protocols and systems in a practice. This course helps you to save time and do it right once. 

Establish Proven Protocols

3D printing, in-office aligners, digital in direct bonding, and all other digital orthodontics protocols are relatively new. We have tested various products and approaches to find the best proven options that consistently work. 

Focus on Patient Care

You will lose time and focus on daily operation of your practice and managing patients if you spend lots of your time to establish protocols on digital workflows. We help you focus on what you are great at - patient care not training lab techs. 

Check how DOH services transformed
Dr. Erickson's practice


Learn about Dr. Erickson and his journey to transition into digital orthodontics

  • 16 years in practice of orthodontics
  • Focus on great quality of care and patient experience
  • Excellent results with proven methods
  • Interested in aligner therapy but holding back
  • Well established lab
  • Worried about failing by integration of 3D printing

“5 months ago,  I did not even own a scanner.  We are now doing all of our own aligners, and the results are promising.  I still don’t do a ton of aligners, but I am doing much more than I used to. We are moving forward and stretching. It’s working.” 

- Dr. Erickson, Orthodontic Specialist 

Early bird registration $1180
(ends on Feb 10, 2023)  $1280

About Dr. Rooz Khosravi 

Digital Orthodontics

Dr. Rooz Khosravi is a clinical assistant professor at the University of Washington. He also practices at PORTH, a modern orthodontic clinic with two locations in Bellevue and Sammamish, WA. In addition to private practice and academic life, Dr. Rooz is an orthodontist-scientist consultant in various companies expanding the boundaries of digital orthodontics. In 2019, Dr. Rooz established the Digital Orthodontic Hub (DOH) where he has trained numerous orthodontists and their team on integration of 3D printing technology in their office.