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Digital Orthodontics Hub is established to provide supports to orthodontists and their teams in adapting digital orthodontics within their clinics to provide personalized, high quality care to patients.

We offer a simple solution to get you into aligner fabrication at your clinic using a customized digital workflow for you.

  • Are you ready to start making your aligners at your clinic?
  • Do you have a 3D printer or you are in the market for one? Are you searching for the best plastic available?
  • Do you want to reduce your lab costs and speed up treatment time for your aligner patients?
  • Do you know where to start?

We provide online and in-person courses on in-house aligner and fundamentals of 3D printing.


January 2020 | Seattle Course


October 2019 | Seattle Course

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Dr. Rooz Khosravi is a clinical assistant professor at the University of Washington. He teaches at both graduate and dental student levels primarily on topics related to digital technology and oral biology.

Dr. Rooz founded and practices at Porth, a modern boutique orthodontic clinic in Sammamish, WA. In addition to private practice and academic life, Dr. Rooz is an orthodontist-scientist consultant at uLab Systems, BayMaterials and SprintRay. In these capacities, he assists with accelerating the development of advanced software and materials to push the boundaries of digital orthodontics. 

Dr. Rooz has extensive knowledge of and experience with 3D imaging and printing. He is an expert in clear aligner therapy and has been conducting studies to better understand the available clear aligner systems. Dr. Rooz is a second generation dentist in his family. Raised by a dentist-engineer duo, he has a passion for science and enjoys interacting with patients in his daily practice. Dr. Rooz, his wife Elly and their young son live in Sammamish.

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3D printing & in-house aligner workflow - Live online courses Iā€™m excited to share with you that we have added two new live online courses to the Digital Orthodontics Hub. This is a hybrid course model. These courses are offered at a...

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