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Digital Orthodontics Hub empowers orthodontists to implement 3D printing technology in their day to day practice. 

3 Different ways that we can help you

3d printing dental course

1:1 Consultation

Time is the most precious commodity you have! Get the most out of yours with personal, in-depth guidance on dialing down your workflow and accelerating 3D printing integration.

We offer a three-month implementation strategy to transform your practice. 


On Demand Courses

Get the knowledge that gives you the edge - navigating your options to implement 3D printing & in-office aligners workflow is time consuming and frustrating, so learn at your own pace with our online course options!

in house aligner course

In-Person Workshops

Our in-person options will give you and your team the coursework expected from DOH, with a network of likeminded orthodontic professionals behind you!

Seattle Digital Dental hub

We help you address your questions on implementing 3D printing at your practice.

  • Do you have a 3D printer or you are in the market for one?
  • Are you searching for the best plastic available for your aligner and retainers?
  • Are you ready to start making your aligners at your clinic?
  • Do you want to reduce your lab costs and speed up treatment time for your aligner patients?
  • Are you planning to remodel your lab and don't know what you need?
  • Are you thinking about implementing an in-office aligner system in your clinic? 
  • Do you know where to start?

The DOH was founded to build a network of progressive orthodontists looking to transform their practice with digital technology. We show you the roadmap and help you get there.   

Rooz Khosravi, DMD, Phd, MSD

What to expect from courses at DOH